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This Sunday morning as I sat in the sanctuary here at Mulberry and listened to our Senior Pastor speak my mind latched on to something he said. Now this was particularly the point of his sermon, but this is what God had me hear. My mind began to turn over and over the idea of control.

We (myself included here) all like to be in control of our situation. We like to feel like we are on top of the situations in our lives. I don’t know many, if any, people who like to feel out of control of their situations or their lives. But is this what we are called to? Are we told to live neat, well managed lives?

I think Jesus finds the illusion we have of being in some sort of control as laughable. We only have the illusion of being in control of ourselves and the world around us. I have been listening to a worship song that I was introduced to a while back called “We are the Free” By Matt Redman and Jonas Myrin.

The chorus for this song is, “We are the free, the freedom generation/ singing of mercy/ You are the One who set us all in motion.” I love this because it speaks of us being free from the world around us, but it does not forget that God is the one who put us all in motion. It talks about how we need to relinquish our control so that we can follow as God intends.

We all have an illusion of control, but we need to get past that misguided view of the world around us. We need to truly see our surrender as freedom to follow in the footsteps of Christ. We need to stop thinking of ourselves in control and fully abandon ourselves to the pursuit of God.



So it is has been a while since I’ve been able to write a post. The busyness of the season got me, like it probably got most of you.  Today was my first day fully back to work, and I feel refreshed after a little break.

This time of year is one of resolutions, the new year always inspires attempts to change.  I am guilty of this impulse and I put it into action today. It was a balmy 45 degrees outside according to my phone, and I bundled up and went for a bike ride.  I often lament the fact that one of my bicycles has been sitting in my office for literally months without moving. So long in fact that the tires were nearly flat. But I have made a resolution to resume having exercise as part of my routine, every day life.

So why does the beginning of a new year always push us to be introspective and searching about our lives? Why does the calendar changing make us think about the places we feel our lives fall short? I think we all feel that we don’t measure up in some respects, it may be small things or it may be in some serious part of your life, but we all feel the pressure of perfection.

This is also why so many resolutions fail, they say that resolutions are usually broken by the end of January, and soon after comes the most depressing days of the year.  I think there is nothing wrong with resolutions, I think that we all need to examine our lives and make sure that we are living as God calls us to.  But I think that often resolutions are unrealistic in their scope, and when we fail to meet our pie-in-the-sky expectations we feel the sting of failure.

So I challenge you, as I have challenged myself to return to a bit of balance with exercise and being concerned with my health, to make a resolution.  Don’t necessarily relegate resolutions to the change of the calendar year.  I think we can all be more successful if we make small achievable resolutions throughout the year. Let’s see what big changes we can make when me make small incremental changes in our lives.