Black Beard’s Wisdom

02 Jun

So in the last week I have been to see “The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” twice, and have had one particular scene stuck in my head for a good bit of this week. I will not give away too much about the movie, but Jack Sparrow is in Blackbeard’s cabin. Then Blackbeard looks at Jack and says, “Your words surround you like cloud, make you hard to see.”

This line has stuck with me this week, it has just kept coming back over and over again. After the movie Sunday night I thought about this quote and it kind of struck me. How often do my words surround me like a cloud, and make Christ hard to see in me. We, as people claiming to follow Christ, are to be representations of God in the world around us.

I think a lot on how not only to teach how to be a Christ follower in the world, but also on how my own life can become much more like Christ.  How do I represent and re- present God to the world that to a great extent has become apathetic to His existence. We are surrounded everyday by people who either believe or live as if God does not exist.

We are surrounded by people who also have been hurt by so called Christians, and people espousing hateful views and ascribing them to their faith. The idea of Christ being someone that these people would want to get to know is laughable. How can we as people of faith, compassion, and love combat these things in our world.

I like to talk about living faith in an authentic way, and I like to think that living an authentic life will lead others to the source of our life.  When we live in ways that are not consistent with our faith we become like Jack Sparrow, our words surround us and make us hard to see.

We are all bound to be poor examples for Christ at times, in truth there are days where I just do not feel up to the pressure I put on myself to be a real representation of Christ. When does it become something I don’t have to think about and I truly master myself to the point of being a disciple is not a struggle.

I have a new idea to add to my prayers and it is that we will all not be surrounded by a cloud of words that do not represent Christ. I hope that if we do have a cloud it would be full like a gray storm cloud with the words of Christian love and the affirmation of the divine worth of all the people around us.


One response to “Black Beard’s Wisdom

  1. Nelson Cruz

    July 15, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    As an atheist I liked the line “In faith there is light enough to see, but darkness enough to blind”


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