Jesus Rides the Subway

24 May

Recently I took some of the youth here to the Third Day, Tenth Avenue North, and Trevor Morgan concert here in Macon, and an interesting trend for me presented itself.  Now let me preface this by saying that I love Tenth Avenue North and Third Day, but I was blown away by Trevor Morgan. His songwriting and voice just cut right through, and his album “The Blessed and the Broken” is a great album.

Trevor’s song “Jesus Rides the Subway” is a very well written song, and the chorus gets me every time I listen to it. “You can lay your burden down, you can lay your burden down, Maybe you’ve been kicked around, but you can lay your burden down.” Wow. I mean it’s simple and repetitive, but when you hear Trevor’s voice come through it really cuts through.

My favorite part of the song is the end where Trevor sings “Jesus went to church on Sunday, Sat in the back and sang the hymns. Jesus went to church on Sunday, but they did not recognize Him.” How true this is. Jesus tells us that whatever we do for one of the least we do for Him. It says in scripture that the righteous ask Jesus when did we do this for You?

The people that are truly following Jesus are forgetting or ignoring the social constraints that many of us are living within. The point I take away from the passage is that Jesus may not look or smell like we want him to, but it is Him none the less. And Trevor’s song makes the point that we will miss Jesus if we trust Him to look just like us, to wear the same clothes, or even go to the same school.

The other thing that I take away from this song is that we have to go find Jesus sometimes, now it is true that the people who need Jesus are right around us. But even those people who are physically right next to us we will have to go out of our way, out of our comfort zones to truly touch. Like the story of Mother Teresa, she touched those whom the Indian society thought were untouchable. She went into a place with what was thought to be a highly contagious disease and she loved people.

Everyone of us has a Calcutta that we need to truly see in the world around us, whether it’s the rough neighborhood or if it is just the neighbor we really do not care for. Calcutta’s are all around us. Yes, Jesus would have ridden the subway, because he aimed for the people that people forget. How can we no longer forget or just easily push to the side the people whom society has already marginalized?

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