18 May

This week has been a pretty cool week around here, we had a great boost to the membership of the church on Sunday morning with our 12 new confirmands joining, and now a part of our youth ministry. But it is a reminder of transitions getting ready to happen, and the almost constant transitions of life.

Here at Mulberry we are getting ready to welcome a new Senior Pastor next month, and say goodbye to our current Senior Pastor as he moves into a new role within the church. But this Sunday made me reflect and think about transition and all that it entails. Many people hate transition or change, while other welcome it with open arms and a sense of excitement.

For me change is not always easy, and the process is almost always difficult and hard. There are many things that impede change, our selves often being one of those things that impedes change.  Humans are creatures of habit, whether be a good or bad thing I will let others decide, but it is a fact.

Sometimes change comes in one catastrophic, cataclysmic event, and other times it takes the time table that feels reminiscent of tectonic plates. One of the things I have found hardest about change is the fact that it is always in God’s time, and his clock often does not match our clock.

How we deal with transition and change shows a great deal about our character, and about our ability to “deal” with life. Especially when the cataclysmic change hits us we reveal a lot about ourselves. For me the hardest change is not the instantaneous, but the tectonic change that takes months or years.  Often that change does not feel like change at all, but more like being stuck in the mud with no way out.

How we deal with change can often define us, how will you and I be defined? How will we embrace the things that God has in store for us so that we may be the best for God? I don’t know about you, but I am in a constant state of striving to live my life ever more fully into the purpose that God has for me. How are you coming along? Frustrated? Fulfilled? Or just fair to middling?


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