03 May

I have written about a lot of subjects on this blog, but I don’t think I’ve ever really written about my love of music.  I was and am a musician, I play several different instruments and I also have a passion for leading people in worship.  One thing I do not do, which some people may think different is that I do not limit my musical taste to only Christian music.

I listen to a wide, and I do mean WIDE, variety of music.  From Christian Pop, to Jam Bands, to lots and lots of U2 I enjoy different music.  I occasionally seize on an artist for a while and listen to their music over and over, but I try not to do that too often.  One thing I love is rock music, and one thing I love more about is playing music loud.

I have some friends that listen to exclusively Christian music, and there is nothing wrong with that, but for me I need more diverse options than the music I hear on the local Christian stations.  In general radio is not my favorite because no matter the station they have tendency to play  the same songs on infinite repeat.

I have even been known to get so sick of my music to wish to once again listen to NPR talk radio, which I do quite often. I think music has a beauty and usefulness that crosses so many borders of language and differences between people. Worship music especially helps us to cut across borders that we place for ourselves, and helps our hearts connect to each other in a greater way. There is so much we can say when we sing that we often cannot feel when we speak.

When you hear a person that sings from way down deep inside their souls there is something stirred within us that just cannot be moved any other way.  While I often focus on the technical skill of musicians there are some people that just have a power over an audience, despite any type of technical flaws they may have.  When we worship through music, especially as a group, something powerful happens.  We are all united literally, connected to one thing that is common to us all at that point.

Music is something that I will always love, and especially love making.  When I remember that music is worship, is where my heart goes to God most clearly I know that its power cannot be estimated.  Thank God for music, and especially worship through music.

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