The Easter Hangover

26 Apr

This is the first week after Easter. Easter is the day that we celebrate Resurrection, victory over death, and the completion of the possibly of our redemption through Christ.  For the season of Lent we have been talking about questions, and how questioning our faith can lead us to deeper understanding.

I for one, am not always satisfied with chalking things up to mystery or our inability as humans to understand. I know we have to accept mystery, but I like to understand at least in some small way what I am experiencing.  On the same side I am not a person that can sit down and read thick tomes about Theology without being bored, or falling asleep. But I really and truly learn by doing and experiencing things, I am a hands on kind of person. This is another reason that I identify so readily with Doubting Thomas from the Gospels.

But this week is an interesting week to place ourselves in the shoes of the disciples.  Ever had an absolutely unbelievable day? One where there is no possible anything weirder or better could happen.  Well just imagine the first Easter Sunday, the disciples and the women (as mentioned in the Bible) go to give Jesus body proper rites for burial and you meet an angel.  This angel tells you that Jesus is no longer dead, but is once again alive and well. WOW! I could imagine that news completely throwing off the plans for the rest of the disciple’s day.

This feeling you get over one enormous decision only to get blindsided by something happening that negated that decision and the next three made.  It must have felt like completely losing touch with reality and really not knowing which end of the rabbit hole was up. I think that is the way we need to feel on Good Friday, but God says we need to feel that way again on Easter Sunday.  We need the joy, and we need the miracle, but we need to not know where to go because we need to be dependent upon God.

That is the Easter Hangover feeling, that we have no where to go and we do not know what to do. But that feeling is to lead us back to God and to make us remember that we are not to be the ones in charge, that is God’s place.  On this Easter Tuesday I hope that you feel disoriented and have no idea which way to turn so that we can all turn back to God.  His direction is a lot better than any we could choose for ourselves.

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