Holy Week

19 Apr

This week is an incredible week for people of the Christian faith, the week we celebrate Jesus’ suffering death and resurrection to atone for our sins.  Here at Mulberry we are having services every day at noon and fellowship over food afterward each day.  This is a week that those of us who are in ministry often get lost in.

There is so much to do to prepare for the celebration of Sunday, and add on top of that the end of a very busy season within the church.  The time of Lent is capped off with the most joyous celebration of the church.  The celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, we have our Good Friday where we are given the gift of salvation through sacrifice, and Sunday we celebrate Jesus’ conquering death on our behalf.

I have written before about rest, and the taking of time for restoration for self and to truly take sabbath. I have also admitted that I am one of the worst at this.  This week I am trying again to stop and smell the roses of this week, no matter how harsh and hurtful they may be.  I am doing this so that I can attempt to truly celebrate on Easter Sunday the amazing gift we have all been given.

But even today a relatively relaxed day for me here at the office and at the church I found my mind wandering during time set apart for God.  This is so disturbing to me to sit and try to focus and fail miserably, especially this week.  But how many of us do this on a daily basis. We get to the end of the day and we cannot turn our minds off.  Our minds get so full of the stuff of life that we cannot turn it off and rest, even at the best of times.

This Easter week I am striving on an invitation to enter into the story and truly experience the emotions and the story that we are living this week. I challenge you to try to do this too. Strive for more simplicity this week, strive to move your life in a direction that increases your dependence upon God, and decreases the self. Good luck, God Bless, and thank God for Easter!


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