What is at the core of the human race?

15 Mar

This week’s post in Fearless: The Courage to Question talks about human nature. The topic is birth and the story of Jesus and Nicodemus and their conversation in John 3. So I am going to go all dime store philosophy on you this week. The title of the post is “What is at the core of the human race?”

Now philosophers, and I am greatly generalizing here, fall into basically two camps. Humans are either inherently good or inherently evil.  Now I am not really going to argue the pro’s and con’s of these two position, I am woefully unqualified for that. But I will tell you what I believe through the lens of my faith and my understanding of faith.

Now I believe that we were created in the image of God, and that means if we affirm an all good (God is Love) God then we are inherently good.  But as the saying goes “we are only human,” this meaning that our basic goodness is corrupted.  Now this corruption is not necessarily evil or malevolent, more commonly our corruption is apathy to the world around us.

I believe that we are all struggling, moving on towards perfection as John Wesley phrased it. Now we fail, and fail miserably a good portion of the time, especially myself.  But I think that we all truly want to be better people and better followers of Christ.  The things that wants us to believe that we are inherently evil and therefore should not spend our energies on benevolence is the great tempter.

Uh Oh! I said it, I said that I believe, truly believe that there is a devil who is working behind the scenes to convince us we can do no good.  If he can’t get us to believe that then he attempts to lull into a sense of complacency. The question is how do we work towards something greater? It is a daily struggle to truly do good in the world around us, and I am always working towards what that looks like for me.

So this week I have a challenge and that is to try to see where and how we can truly do good in the world around us. God has created in His good image, how do we show that we are His children and love the world around us.  It is hard and things will trip us up, but the striving toward something is what actually fosters transformation in ourselves.


One response to “What is at the core of the human race?

  1. Vera DeWeese

    March 18, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    I agree with you – of course “devil” exists – we personify it so we can wrap our minds around it. The knowledge of good and evil is ours. Pray we choose the good!


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