Of Divine Worth

22 Feb

I began working with “The Open Table: An Invitation To Walk With God” today, which we will be doing here at Mulberry Street UMC on Monday and Wednesday nights during Lent. This series was inspired and created with one of my favorite authors Donald Miller (twitter @donmilleris).

The first session in this series is called “The Love of God” and is a session trying to wrap our heads around the magnitude of the Love of God. One of the people in this video talked about how because of her self-image problems she hurt herself including cutting herself, pulling out her hair, and beating herself. It was her realization that God in fact did create her, and that he loves her that she realized her worth.

The Bible tells us all that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” and we are “made in the image of God.” I think this is a very powerful statement for us to really think about. God, who created the universe, who has made every thing in the world, who “knitted us together while we in our mother’s womb.” But how often do we not live our lives this way? How often do we actually look ourselves and see only our sinful ways or see what we believe is our unlovable selves?

How can we all live into the divine image that we were all imprinted with? It is like we all have a watermark in our souls, that watermark proves the authenticity that God loves us. Often watermarks are pictures, sometimes words, sometimes numbers, and the incredible thing is that each of watermarks says something different. God created each of us uniquely, and therefore no two people have the same deep mark on their soul.

What does your watermark tell you about your life, your loves, your passions? How does my personal watermark speak to the places where I have fear, hurt, or indecision in my life? If we truly believe that we are all created by God and have divine worth, how do we live out our mark. In a meeting yesterday we were talking about pottery, and the idea of God being the potter of us is incredibly meaningful for me.

If you have even watched a potter work you know that what begins as a meaningless block or lump of clay can become with the skilled hands of a potter a beautiful piece of art. How much more skilled is the Lord, Our God, Our Creator, the One who ordered the chaos of our universe. How can we not trust the Lord who ordered the chaos of creation, to order the chaos and craziness of our lives. If we truly trust God then we will know in our heart of hearts that God has a passion for us, and is loving us into His will all of the time.


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