The Super Bowl?

07 Feb

So this afternoon after finishing up one project here in my office I took a little time to catch a laugh and watch some of the funny ads from the Super Bowl. I think the Groupon commercial may have been my favorite, but is challenged by Doritos and Snickers. But it really got my mind thinking about what this media event has become in our nation.

Most of us do not have a team we truly care to see play in the Super Bowl, unless of course our hometown, home state, or another team that we have an attachment to is playing in the game. Most of us honestly do not have a dog in the fight of the Super Bowl, it’s just not that important to me personally. The true focus for most folks is on the advertising, and I must admit I look forward to the ads too. But I think many of us give undue precedence to the ads in how we truly watch the Super Bowl.

For instance, last night I literally went to change into my pajamas during the game, something that would be almost sinful for me during a Georgia game. Indeed the ads are the true stars of the game, unless of course you were a Packers or Steelers fan. What does this say about our culture in general though too. I think this might be, as I talked about during Advent Conspiracy a time where we show where true worship is.

We worship things and stuff, we give importance in our lives to the advertisements, not the actual game itself. There are so many things that put in front of God in our lines of importance in lives. How do we truly we orient ourselves, so that we can be a player on the field of God’s Super Bowl instead of waiting for the breaks for ads? I am not sure how it happened, but when the commercials are more important than the competition we are indeed suffering something broken.


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