God of THIS City

01 Feb

It is no secret if you are a regular reader of this blog that I am inspired and often driven by music. I often find the lyrics to songs floating through my head hours, days or even weeks later, it just connects for me. Those of you who may have known me for a while know that I am not the biggest Chris Tomlin fan, although his album “Hello Love” has found regular play for me for a quite a while.

But the song “God of This City” did not initially strike me, I thought it was pretty much the same as most of his music, then one day I thought about the words more deeply. “Your the God of this city/ Your the King of these people/ Your the Lord of this nation/ You are.” Basically the two verse just name God, they just put him to the forefront of what is being sung. If you are not familiar with this song you can watch it here:

I was also reading “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan, a book that has won great acclaim and excitement by many. The first chapter talks about the fact that we often lose sight of who God is. We get comfortable, we get overly relaxed, and we live into our comfort zones. How often is our God not really that big, how often do we attempt (whether consciously or not) to put God in a box and say, “now you stay in there and be NICE!”

I am often reminded by so many people of how immense, big, loving, and powerful our God truly is.  Francis Chan mentions that there are an estimated 350 billion galaxies that have been created. Not many of us can really conceive of the number 350,000,000,000, but God created every one of those galaxies. God created the entire world, just that in itself should leave us in awe.  But that big God is also the God of THIS city. God is the God of Macon (or insert your particular place) and what does that mean for how we live?

Tomlin sings, “For greater things are yet to come/And greater things are still to be done” think about that for a second. If he created all the galaxies, the beauty of this earth, and knit each and every person together, what is next? What thing are we to be working for so that we can give God the credit for the work he is doing, and the work he is done. Maybe our lives are the greatest thing we’ve seen yet, but I have a challenge for you, maybe he’s pushing us all for something more (insert “Chariots of Fire” music here…)

This week I am striving to remember that God, the big God that I worship is also the God of all the tiny things in my life. Maybe that is the greatest miracle that God not only created huge mountain ranges, but created the tiny atoms and cells that make up our bodies. From the big picture to the tiniest minutiae God created, redeemed, and is sustaining it all. Maybe our challenge should be to live like it…


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