Creativity Embodied

06 Dec

So I have some friends who find really random stuff on the internet and post it to facebook, and indeed I am sometimes guilty of this myself. This young man apparently form Loyola Marymount University in California.

Snubby J and his PVC instrument

This video is of a young man who has built his own instrument and is playing for a group of his peers.  The eclectic mix of songs, and the originality of the interpretation is something that made me smile.  He goes from classical to some of the most recent pop tunes.  This really is creativity embodied.

When we encounter human creativity we should immediately begin thinking about God’s presence and fingerprint on our lives.  We were created by God, and given that creative spark and the urge to create in the world around us.  I think that this next week we should begin to think about God every time we have a creative idea.

Creativity and the ability to create, at least in a minimal way, is one of the most sure signs that we are made in the “Imago Dei.” The image of God is built into our DNA and there are many ways that this manifests itself, but one of the most easily seen and understand is in our creativity. Thanks be to God for creating us in his creative image.

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