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One of These Days

Tis the season we say at this time of year, we run around frantically and we wallow in Christmas cheer.  Do not misunderstand me, I love the Christmas season, but it has once again been forcefully reminded to me how busy this time of year becomes. I have Christmas presents to assemble, and I have work that feels undone in my office, as well as what looks like an explosion across my desk.

This season is part of many seasons, the Christmas Season, for those in the church the Advent Season, and for germs Cold & Flu season. I have found the germs and have been battling sickness for a few days, as well as my children fighting sickness.  But as they say the show must go on, it does not matter if I have a fever or don’t feel well I need to take advantage of my days.

But I can’t help but return to the Advent Conspiracy book and video series telling me that maybe I’ve missed the point on Christmas. Maybe there is too much going on, and too many irons in the fire, but I find my life so fulfilling that I don’t want to miss anything on any side. There are so many things that I need to get done and I feel that one day I may possibly catch up. But I am wondering how I can manage to not miss the birth of Jesus amidst the scrum of the rest of life.

One of these days the pace of Christmas will no longer surprise me, and will no longer catch me slightly, if not woefully, under-prepared. One of these days I will figure out how to more successfully focus on Jesus during Christmas. I challenge each of you to take a moment, an hour, or a day of oasis and remember that some day there will not s0 many things around that we forget about the reason for the season.  One of these days I will kneel down earnestly and worship the King child born in a manger, born to poor and lowly people.

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Inside Our Boxes

This is a season of generosity and reciprocation, a season where all of this generosity and reciprocation cause stress on many levels.  Does the gift I got for her or him truly tell her how I feel about her or him? Is my giving to the people around me truly an expression of my love, affection, and feelings about them? We have been studying the Advent Conspiracy video series here, and it has really hit me how broken our views of Christmas truly are.

I remember the days of my childhood where the number of gifts and the size of the gifts determined how good Christmas was.  Christmas shopping is a hard thing for me, I am not a shopper.  The mall is a place where you go because you have to, not because you want to, unless there is some other reason like a playground for the boys. I think it would be wonderful, sometimes, if gift cards truly communicated feelings.  The easiest way out would be cause for relief of a great deal of stress here.

This year I am trying to do something drastically different with my Christmas giving, as little of it as I have to do, and to truly put my heart and soul into the gifts.  I often go with the things that I am told to buy. My Christmas gifts often lack an outside of the box thinking, and firmly stay within what I know will be liked.  I am trying to be outside my usual box, although for a couple of people on my list I may be reverting to the box for at least part of their gifts.

But I am seeing the ideas of Christmas come in unexpected ways, and the excitement of Christmas has come in interesting ways.  I am excited for all of the things that I get to experience again, I am also incredibly excited about my son’s Christmas.  I think my oldest is going to greatly enjoy all he is getting for Christmas and it will be something that he will play with daily for a long time.

I hope our experience of Christmas will not be limited to giving and receiving gifts this year, because that is how we’ve messed up Christmas so much over the last years.  Bigger, Better, and More is our motto, but we don’t realize how bad that is for ourselves and our families.  Maybe I did not realize it until I had children, but celebrating in a different way can really make the difference in our lives.


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Creativity Embodied

So I have some friends who find really random stuff on the internet and post it to facebook, and indeed I am sometimes guilty of this myself. This young man apparently form Loyola Marymount University in California.

Snubby J and his PVC instrument

This video is of a young man who has built his own instrument and is playing for a group of his peers.  The eclectic mix of songs, and the originality of the interpretation is something that made me smile.  He goes from classical to some of the most recent pop tunes.  This really is creativity embodied.

When we encounter human creativity we should immediately begin thinking about God’s presence and fingerprint on our lives.  We were created by God, and given that creative spark and the urge to create in the world around us.  I think that this next week we should begin to think about God every time we have a creative idea.

Creativity and the ability to create, at least in a minimal way, is one of the most sure signs that we are made in the “Imago Dei.” The image of God is built into our DNA and there are many ways that this manifests itself, but one of the most easily seen and understand is in our creativity. Thanks be to God for creating us in his creative image.

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