Waiting Expectantly

30 Nov

We live in a culture of instant gratification, of if we want it we can find a way to have it, RIGHT NOW! Movies instantly on your TV, email on your cell phone, mobile internet devices, even instant books on our e-readers.  We have not been taught the art of waiting, the patience and self-control it takes to wait on things.  We live in a society that is ever more invested in doing all things faster.

I am as susceptible to this as anyone else, I drive too fast and sometimes try to cram too many things into every day.  I don’t like to wait, I have been seduced by our right now, more more more culture.  This time of year in the Christian Calendar is called Advent. We are waiting for the ultimate good to arrive, we are waiting for the baby that is fully human and fully divine to be born.  The birth of Christ starts a chain of events that go from the beginning of time until the end of time, but we have lost the idea of waiting.

Our scale in the world has also drastically changed over the last one-hundred years.  Distances that once took days or weeks to cover are now covered in hours.  Distances that once were full day trips are now quick trips across town. It is amazing to me to think about how one of my ancestors would see what I am doing and be absolutely lost as to how I work and play in today’s culture.

It was brought back to me again on Sunday night as we were talking through the “Advent Conspiracy” discussion guide about the incredible Theological idea of waiting for Jesus’ arrival.  We should be on pins and needles as Christ’s followers for his arrival on the scene.  When Jesus is born and placed in the manager the arc of history suddenly changes.  The arrival of Christ is the greatest step towards humans being reconciled to God, only his death, resurrection and coming again could be more important.

In this season I am attempting to once again place the focus towards Christ, instead of all the advertisements that are bombarding me now.  I want to come back to a place of greater simplicity, and give myself relationally all year long, in addition to the things we do here at Christmas. Will you join me? Please join me in an adventure of trying to connect my life with those around me.


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