Holidays Gone Wrong

16 Nov

So recently I began preparing for Advent Conspiracy, I have posted a little bit about what I am preparing for this. But I wanted to write about something that has stuck out to me while preparing these lessons. I have written and talked about the gospel and consumer culture, but where we really see how broken our consumer culture is, is in Christmas.

Christmas is an economic boon, a time of year where businesses routinely do 40% of their annual business. If every month was even businesses would do about 8.3% of their business during Christmas time, but this is not the case.  More than 5 times that amount of business is done during the Christmas season, all to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

In Advent Conspiracy the three pastors attempt, and do a great job, to point out that our celebration of Christmas has gone from worship of God to the worship of money.  The presents we give and receive, and their monetary value help us place a value on our value in relationships.  The pastors call for us to give in a much more relational way.  The focus is on giving better gifts, more meaningful gifts, not the gifts that are empty, broken, and forgotten by New Years.

Giving relationally is not really a norm here in the US, because our society has placed incredible value on money and its use.  Status is derived from money, it is what defines us.  Big house, big car, lots of toys that is the rat race that we are indoctrinated into.  Advent Conspiracy is not a radical idea it is a scriptural one, it pushes us to move back towards the TRUE reason for the season.  Worshiping a baby born in a manger in Jerusalem well more than two-thousand years ago.

How can we return to true worship? Starting on November 28th at 5 pm in the Youth Room at Mulberry Street UMC in Macon, GA you can find out.  We will be breaking down the ideas with the help of the videos from Advent Conspiracy. Please join us and see how we can truly move back towards loving and following the baby born in a manager.


One response to “Holidays Gone Wrong

  1. Glenn Weeks

    November 17, 2010 at 5:50 am

    Amen, just remember it’s more than the baby in the manger. But you knew that already . Look up the lyrics to the Bruce Cockburn song “Cry of a Tiny Babe” sometime – probably my favorite “Christmas” song….


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