Don’t Blame Me…A New Paradigm

20 Oct

I wrote recently about my happiness at no longer being a resident of Washington DC, and I must say that upon reflection there are some redeeming factors about the DC Metro area.  Traffic is not one of these, but one of the things that I will take from my time there are relationships with some deep thinking people.

My friend, and incredible deep thinker, Glenn Weeks wrote a note on Facebook entitled “Blame Me…” this post pertains to politics, but also to some of the ills of the world being addressed by our government today. It is mid-term election season, and here in Georgia the attack ads are running 24-7 on all the major stations.  And this election has been touted not as an election on candidates, but as a referendum on President Obama.  No matter your views on the President I hope we can all see that this is short-sighted and a bit misguided way to base a vote.  In my area ads for the Republican candidate for Governor expressly link the Democratic candidate with Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid.  The thing that does not connect for me is how three politicians in Washington from other states have any bearing on the issues being debated (and I say that with a grain of salt) in this election.

We have a society that is obsessed in laying blame, many times un-rightfully at the feet of another person.  We have become self-satisfied with blaming someone else, and though we might not change the whole process we’ve been passive by-standers.  I recently walked in on a conversation with some gentlemen who thought of Obama’s policies as downright “un-American.” They argued that his raising in another place endowed him with a worldview that was not in line with “American” values. I had to walk away because I believe that the fact that America is a “melting pot” of all peoples makes it pretty hard to pin anything down as distinctly American.  I think what these persons should have said is “he does not have policies in line with my political leanings…”

But who can we blame? It’s amazing to me to lay all blame at one person’s feet for National or International problems, and just a wee bit short-sighted. My friend Glenn had a different way of looking at blame, how about we start laying blame on ourselves and start working towards a solution. If we all work together, regardless of creed, color, or political convictions, I think we can affect change in our world for better. But when we stop passing the buck to our politicians and work in our own backyard, then maybe we can actually make an impact that will feed, clothe, and give people opportunities in not only our town, but the world.


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