Incarnational Faith…

14 Oct

How do we live our lives? That is a question that I am often confronted and convicted by. There are so many sides to our lives these days, we separate our lives into social and religious lives, we have school lives and home  lives, but how do we live the totality of our lives.

This weekend is October’s Third Sunday Service project, and we have a project that I am very excited about.  We are going to be making cookies and cards for the Methodist Home for Children and Youth located here in Macon. This may seem like a small thing to many people, but I think this is one of the most fun and rewarding projects we’ve done.  The kids in the Children’s Home are in periods of transition, from either rough home lives or foster situations that did not work out.  These kids have not been shown the love or care of Jesus, and our mission in this project is to do something nice for something else.

I had made a connection to the Children’s Home through the director who is a member here at Mulberry, and recently got to meet the Chaplain of the facility.  These two men talked both about the rought situations these young people come out of, but also in how they are loving them towards something greater.  Steve, the director, talked about the fact that he gives a quilt to every child that comes into the home.  He discovered that there are no ugly quilts, some he may not like, but a child will find beauty and warmth in that quilt.

Jim, the Chaplain, also spoke of how some children are amazed when they don’t find locked doors or over zealous control at the Home.  Because of previous situations these young people are conditioned into these types of situations. These youth are taught mistrust and the Theology of locked doors by others treatment of them.

I think when we think about living our lives we need to think about incarnation.  Now this is a big term, a Theological term, that makes us think of life and death, but it is more of how our faith is lived out. So when we think about church and we talk about church being “incarnational” we are really asking how the faith that is proclaimed, is actually lived out. This weekend we are going to incarnate love here at Mulberry from 5-7 pm, if you’re available come help us live the language of love…


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