Finding God in Beauty

11 Oct

I went camping this past weekend, the annual Scampers Group trip from the church.  This annual event brings 100 or more people together in one campground to have community in the mountains for the weekend.  Many of our people have RVs, but there are still some who do the good old-fashioned tent camping. I used to do a good bit of camping, especially during the summers, but have not been in a really long time.  There is something about sleeping in the woods, in a tent, on the side of a mountain that makes me think about God.

Now beauty is an interesting argument to me for the existence and even the benevolence of God.  I see the subjectivity in many of our “beauty” judgments (especially those for human’s physical appearance), and it makes my heart hurt for the people who are constantly told they do not measure up to an imaginary standard.  Now the beauty of nature is an argument for God that I can get behind.  I know of very few things that are more beautiful than a mountain view or the changing leaves.

The mental picture I have of God creating the world is that of an incredible artist, God knew exactly where things should be so that the aesthetic of beauty would be achieved.  Our world is filled with landscapes and vistas that simply take our breath away, and often we just keep rolling on without even noticing it. I think that we often lack the introspective sense to stop and see the beauty around us, and it we do not have to limit our ideas of beauty to physical concrete things.

My being a father is one of the greatest joys in my life, and one of the most beautiful things I hear every day are the giggles of Quin and Bobby.  Bobby has just begun to laugh a little and it is such a glorious feeling when he lets one out.  Quin has been giggling for a long time now, but the sound never fails to stop me in my tracks. I know not all people find beauty in the same places, but I was just amazed at how long it had been since I just stopped to admire the stars at night…

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