A Return to Active Faith

06 Oct

I have talked before on this blog about my ideas of divine appointments, and how God sometimes wants us to interrupt our lives so we can get out of the way.  We talked on Sunday morning this week about the words significant and insignificant and what they truly mean, and what living as if God is the most important thing looks like.  How do we live into God’s purpose and just get ourselves out of the way?

I have one theme that I talk about constantly in my talks with Youth and something that I truly try to think about all the time.  When I think about matters of faith I try to focus on one idea.  The idea of living out faith, there are so many groups that understand faith on a mental level.  There are very, very few groups who take living out faith in a serious way.  When we talk about the command to love our neighbors as ourselves, what does that truly look like? How do we not just give lip-service to the things that we believe and truly let the “rubber meet the road.”

I have a hard time these days when I look at churches, I have a hard time not being involved or working towards ministry goals, but with not being completely on the line.  I have read a pretty good bit about the history of the early church, and I have difficulty squaring what the church has become two-thousand plus years later.  I’m throwing our culture or the society we live in away, because I know there is a way to live authentically in our modern world.  Life looks very different today than in first-century Palestine, but we have to make room for the Holy Spirit to work in and through us.

Now I do not, and indeed cannot, claim to have the answers to these existential and sometimes pointless questions.  Now I say pointless questions not because the thinking of them is pointless, but because we often get caught up in the exercise of thinking and forget to act.  That I think is the biggest sin of all, it is not praying and working to figure out what the truest expression of faith is, but failing to do anything.  One of the hallmarks of the early church is not its creation of good Theology or the proper hierarchical structure for the church, but they were a group of action.  They did not get caught up in many of the details, but got down to helping people in any way they could.

How do we get back to an active instead of a temporal faith? How can live faith instead of talking about faith? How? How? How? That is my question of the week, month, year, and indeed life…


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