Out Live Your Life

23 Sep

I wrote a little bit last time about something that struck me from this new book by Max Lucado, and promised an upcoming review.  Well I finished the book, so here is my review of this book.

Out Live Your Life is one of the most refreshing books that I have read in a long time, and I have read quite a few books in the last few years.  A good number of books I have read have been academic tomes, often talking about some of the same issues Max did, but this book is so approachable.  While in Seminary I read quite a few hefty books from Theology to Educational Philosophy, but that is where these books miss ability to be more widely read.

I had previously not read much of Max Lucado’s writing, despite his being the best selling Christian author of our generation, but I think this book has converted me.  From how we can truly interact and change the lives of others, to the fact that we don’t have to move to Africa to make a difference this book speaks clearly and succinctly about the life that Christians should be living. The chapter on letting God unshell us is one of the most creative and disarmiing, yet arresting chapter.  Max writes about tough subjects but has a knack for making them not seem quite so daunting. This is a book I will be revisiting and using with my Youth for many years to come.

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