The Uncertainty of Life

13 Sep

Have you ever made plans? Have you ever had those plans come crashing down around you? I have, and let me tell you, this can be one of the most frustrating things that you will ever experience.  We had been planning to go to my hometown to visit my Dad who just came home from the hospital today, I went to the office went to the meeting I had, and then went home to help line us up for our trip.  As soon as I get there Quin (our 17 month old) begins walking around the house crying. This is to say the least out of character for our little guy so we were worried.

So long story short Quin is sick and our best laid plans for the day are now shot all to pieces.  But it really got me thinking as I was driving back to the office about how we often plan our lives down to the second.  How often are we just rushing from one place to another, one appointment to the next, and never have time to slow down.  Now I have talked about my ideas on sabbath and rest before, but this time I’m really speaking about living into uncertainty.

The idea of living with uncertainty is as old as our faith itself.  Jesus told his disciples to not even carry an extra shirt when he sent them out, told them to not even carry money for food.  Now that would not fly at my house today, I don’t even really see how it worked in Jesus time.  So much of a person in that time period was spent on finding or growing food that it was nearly all consuming.  But that was the way that Jesus told these men to go into the world, with nothing, to walk headlong into the uncertainty that is life.

Compared to the first century our uncertainties are mostly temporal, most of us do not worry about what we will eat for dinner, we merely worry about college, grades, who will we marry, things that matter deeply to us today.  I think that we have lost something of understanding the kingdom of God that we are called to live into, and we miss that because of the stability in our American culture.  There are still many places in the world where the daily struggles are very similar to the ones of first century Palestine.

This week I want to focus more on how do I embrace the uncertainty in life and cease to get so irritated when things don’t go as planned.  I challenge us all to look at our days and see where we can see the “holy interruptions” that often are irritants in our path. So go into the rest of this day seeing where the uncertain is actually the divine.

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