Joyful Noise

24 Aug

“O Come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation! Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!” Psalm 91:1-2 NRSV.

Here lately I feel like I have been making a lot of noise, not necessarily a joyful one, or even one much worth listening to.  There has been so much going on here lately that I feel at my wits end a bit too often.  From moving, to meetings, to trying to plan out the next year I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of things and not so much ministry.  Of course all of these things are a part of my ministry, but what does it truly mean to be “in ministry.”

Yesterday I took the morning off to take care of a few projects on our house, you know cutting grass taking out the trash that sort of thing, and I felt refreshed.  I just have to make myself keep referring to my post on rest, and making sure that I don’t run myself to the ragged end. We all are so busy, in fact too busy.  We have activities, schools, families, we have all of these balls in the air.  We sometimes stop on Sunday to make a “joyful noise” to the Lord, but often we are just checking another thing off of our list.

Thinking about the busyness of my life, and that of the lives of the Youth I am ministering to I was struck by a thought.  Maybe our busy lives is just another scheme by our great tempter.  Gasp! A Methodist talking about the devil, and the spiritual dimensions of our daily lives, what a thought.  But this struck me so clearly as I began to write.  This blog is a part of my ministry, something I wanted to do to help connect with people in a greater way.  But is the pressure I feel sometimes just another way to help me not meet the things that are truly important.

As many of you know I lived in Washington D.C. for three years, commuting, going to school, and also being a stay-at-home dad, but there is one thing I notice about that city as I reflect on my time there.  It was a city full of busy people, people who can never put their blackberry or iPhone down.  It was full of people who worked 18 hour days because of the connections of technology. In a city where important things are happening, there was a blaring lack of one thing. Interaction.  Life, as faith, is not lived in a bubble, but in D.C. people often did their best to live without ever really knowing other human beings around them.

Maybe that is one thing we are missing, without taking time for “holy interruptions” those random connections is random places. I think that we, as Christians, can make an incredible “joyful noise” if we live in to the interruptions.  We live such finely orchestrated lives, what if we let that go, what if we truly decided to live into the relationships around.  What if we stop holding ourselves back from truly and deeply connecting with those around us.  What if making a joyful noise was not so much singing, but talking to the people you meet on the street or between classes.  What does it look like when we truly live differently.

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