In Service to the King

18 Aug

So it has been longer than I like, I have not posted in more than a week.  Despite being a very busy week and weekend, I now have a house to keep up with.  This is where the post I wrote on busyness ends up being the three fingers pointed back at myself when I point at someone else.

Sunday night was an incredible experience, one I am just now getting to appreciate because of the schedule I’ve kept this week.  We began what I hope will become a tradition for the Youth here at Mulberry Street UMC, and something that is incredibly important to me.  We made hygiene kits for Macon Outreach, which is a ministry of our church and serves the poor and homeless here in Macon.

When I think about the last few weeks in ministry here at Mulberry one thing keeps jumping out to me, especially after our series on “Free Market Jesus”.  When we look and see the phrase “to be profitable for the kingdom” we are being fed a lie, we need to replace this idea.  When we substitute the phrase “In Service to the King,” we get a much different picture of our faith.  Instead of being slaves to the make ourselves profitable, we are seeing our role to God, our King, as more servant-like and sacrificial.

The question I keep asking myself, and in retrospect asking the youth I am working with is, “How do I love my neighbor as myself?”  How do I truly live to serve my neighbor, the other, which in turn is living in service to my King.  While the conjures pictures of medieval knights riding into battle, and also the entire movie “Braveheart” (which I highly recommend!)  I do not like co-opting warlike language to make a point about the spiritual life, but the dedication and devotion practiced by knights is worthy of recognition.  Kristian Stanfill sings “Army of God” and the song says “We are the army of God, we are the kingdom of love” and I love that idea.  We are an army not of bombs and guns, but of love and service to the people who are cared for around us.  How do we truly live into the idea of being devoted to God no matter the consequences?

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