The Importance of Rest

02 Aug

So I hope this is a timely post, one that finds a place in your thinking and reflecting this week.  So this morning I delayed coming in to my office, I spent time playing. I went to the playground and kicked a soccer ball around the neighborhood with my favorite people. Quin, Bobby, Amber and I took some time to just enjoy God’s creation and each others company.

Especially with school starting this week for many of you who might read this.  I want to really encourage all of you to take time to rest, this may mean not having an activity every night of the week, or maybe leaving something you could do today undone.  There is a new phenomenon among people and it is to be overly busy, we look at our lives, like Donald Miller yesterday as having to be “profitable.”  This is something I have recently had to come to terms with in a big way, after having been a student and stay-at-home Dad for the last few years.

We have a tendency to over-commit to work so hard to do so much good that we are too busy all of the time.  Now where to do we get the idea that all of our time has to be spent accomplishing something? Let me tell you now that it is not a biblical idea.  Our infinite God took the seventh day to rest from his labors of creating, so if God took a rest how can we think we can go and go and go 24-7?  Often we feel un-useful or even (gasp) slothful at resting, but this is possibly the most important part of self-care we can take part in.

Self-care is making sure that you take time to re-charge your personal batteries and making sure that you can actually works toward something on another day.  I often start my day with a list of things I need to do a mile long, and some days that prevents me from taking time to study and reflect like I like to do.  I have a challenge for those of you who struggle with over-commitment and that is to give something up, not all things needed in our lives.  I challenge you to attempt to simplify your lives so that you have time to rest.

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