The Opening Volley

03 Jul

This is a blog, but you folks who are reading already knew that.  More specifically this is a blog that is all about point of view, how do I see things, how does my frame of reference affect my interpretations?  But a more important question for all of us to ask ourselves is, how does my frame of reference color how I see the world?

When I think about myself, not in self-importance, but in genuine introspection about my life and the world I see many different streams in my life.  I feel that I a person that is made up of many different streams of thought that make an interesting amalgamation of who is Thomas.  Some of these many streams are at times maddening to myself.  I grew up in a small town, in the country actually, then I moved to Athens, GA then I made the leap and moved all the way to Washington DC.  How does my having lived in all of these different places and now living in Macon color the way I see the world.

One of things that I see in myself is my differing ideas about how to care for the world we live in.  If you rad the tag of the blog (or at least the profile page) you will see that I like to ride bicycles, but I live in a town and a country where cars rule the road.  I have all the information about bikes being good for the environment, and also for my own personal health.  But because I ride bikes I see the world in a different way, especially when I see other riders out on the road.  I see the world of traffic and the contempt with which cyclists are treated by drivers and I don’t understand.  But it is because of my experience riding my bike on the road that confuses me all the more.

But here is where point of view, frame of reference, or whatever you would like it comes in to such a place of importance.  I know that my point of view is different from yours, but I’m not necessarily wanting to convince you of my position.  I hope to make you think, to raise an idea that might cause you to question.  This is a blog about faith, culture, life, and so many other things.  I might share funny things I see, or things that make me sad or things things that are just things.  I hope to be able to bring scripture into the area of our lives, because as Christ followers it is our guide.

The most basic question to be asked by my writing, and hopefully your comments, is how do we live authentic lives that are true to our belief systems.  What do we do when our belief systems seem to be in conflict with the world  around us? How do we reconcile a world more than 2000 years removed from the writing of scripture?  How do we live out our faith in the building and sustaining of community of faith, and other communities that we are a part of?

I have called this post “The Opening Volley” for a reason. I hope to start a conversation and a virtual community of people talking about how their faith impacts their lives.  My prayer is that I will have something useful, or at the very least entertaining, to say and that I will be able to contribute to the overall conversation on faith.


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